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Expertise Inside the Development Center

Software Development

We develop trading solutions for desktop, web, and mobile platforms with applications that run across Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. Our incredibly scalable trading solutions are used on devices big and small across a range of screen sizes. Our project teams are very much involved in R & D to optimize our products in aspects like bandwidth usage, response time, and overall user experience. This guarantees a smooth trading experience to our global clientele. As a trading software development center, our development teams recognize their responsibility to deliver strong, reliable, and robust solutions to our customers.

Our multi-platform trading solutions are developed using the latest and cutting-edge development technologies such as Java, .NET, HTML5/Angular while giving special consideration to mobile-based applications. It is our strong belief that mobile will be the platform of the future as more customers choose to trade and get information through mobile platforms than ever before in history.


Project Management & Business Analysis

As Business Analysts at GTN Technologies, they will be significantly involved in gathering and eliciting business requirements from external & internal stakeholders across different business units. The Business Analyst will coordinate closure reviews on requirements and obtain sign-off from external and internal stakeholders.

Along with the Business Analyst, the Project Manager and the team will be involved in conducting backlog grooming sessions, sprint planning sessions, and daily sprint meetings. The Project Manager and Business Analyst are responsible for prioritizing product backlog coordinating with multiple business units. As a part of maintaining the sprint, the Business Analyst will also continue to groom the product backlog in coordination with the business.

PMs and BAs are both responsible for conducting knowledge sharing sessions, and product training sessions for team members & business users. One of the major contributions from BAs and PMs is to help implement organization-wide best practices and processes.


The UI Team is responsible to carry out tasks that will be aligned with multiple stakeholders throughout the project. From the initial prototype design to the live product, these teams work closely with all other project teams. Designing user interfaces, converting them into web pages if required, providing UI guidelines, and helping to solve usability issues at any phase of the project falls under the UI team’s accountability

At the Development Center, our UI teams are focused on the development of a variety of visual assets for the application. This includes images, banners, ads, color schemes, and consistent & fluid design of the applications. The UI/UX teams also collaborate with business development functions like marketing, social media, and branding. Our UI/UX experts use a modern creative suite of packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, along with Axialis IconWorkshop, Sublime Text, WebStorm, etc.


Quality Assurance 

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a set of activities to ensure quality in software engineering processes. It ensures that developed software meets and complies with the quality specifications defined or standardized. SQA is an ongoing process within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that routinely monitors the developed software to ensure that it meets the desired quality measures.

In most types of software development, SQA practices are implemented regardless of the underlying software development model being used. SQA incorporates and implements software test methodologies to test the software. Instead of checking for quality after completion, SQA will test for quality in each development phase until the software is complete. With SQA, the software development process only moves into the next phase once the current / previous phase meets the required quality standards. SQA generally works on one or more industry standards that help build software quality guidelines and implementation strategies.


Smooth and reliable System Operations play a vital role in a Fintech Company like ours with many online trading platforms supporting more than 70+ exchanges. The operations team assists our customer support centers and dealers around the world. The system support team is a dedicated team of professionals that accommodate and process customer inquiries, onsite fixes, timely deployments, in liaison with software engineers for further developments.

The SysOps team assures that the applications and their related infrastructure operations are running aligned with the global ISO (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) standards by considering the potential for business growth through continuous service and system improvements.

Prevention is always better than cure, thus, redundancy is built into the operations process itself. SysOps works to actively eliminate risks to the development environment, today and into the future. Reliable & stable system support provides the users with peace of mind. SysOps always allows the users to focus on the business needs of the day, while the team takes care of the system operations.


Cloud Services & Lean IT

Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace to the point that, it could be out of date before even going live. It has enabled faster change and progress, resulting in an acceleration in the rate of change until eventually, it becomes exponential. As financial technologies evolve, Cloud services and Lean IT strategy at GTN Technologies bring significant disruptors to the financial industry that continue to shape businesses in the age of digital transformation.

As a result, our network infrastructure has evolved from converged infrastructure to hyper-converged. This supports the transition into robust Cloud Computing services for trading platforms that support real-time financial market data feeds and business transactions. The strategies also extend across the information security domain by bringing cloud-hosted unified security management, and Directory-as-a-Service for corporate identity device management. Enhanced security compliance in production financial platforms resulted in us being awarded the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard

GTN Technologies recognizes that technology-based careers don’t always change at the same speed that technology advances, however, they must evolve to meet tomorrow’s business needs amidst changing times. Thus, career roles will not stay the same inside the team either and it is for this reason that our Infrastructure and Lean IT teams in the organization are constantly learning, out of necessity if not desire.

Support Teams

Other Central Services operations include HR, Finance, IT, and Legal which also play a significant role in supporting and assisting in the management of GTN Technologies and its employees

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