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MTrade Plus V2

MTrade Plus Version 2 presents you with a scalable trading solution for the web & mobile with cutting-edge technologies that enable you to thrive in a digital trading world. The application is a unique and well-featured trading platform for active traders and investors looking to make smart investments.

MTrade Plus v2 supports the full functionalities of trading equity or stock symbols together with cutting-edge analytics through advanced charting tools that help you analyze price movements of stocks, market indices, Forex, and more.

MTrade Plus v2 is highly scalable across many platforms ranging from iOS to Android, Windows, and Mac and can be used intuitively on any screen size from mobiles, to tablets to desktops, and wide screens.

Upper hand in the fast-moving trading world.

Receive real time symbol alerts, research reports, advises and news 

Optimal viewing experience

Exclusive design with the best compatibility to any type of screen with neat and clean navigation

View buying power information within a click

Add symbols to the watch list and trade at the same time & Keep track of the key market Indices, Commodities and Currencies

Receive real-time announcements, market-moving news released by Global news sources

Market depth information by price and by order, Time and Sales info, and detailed quote give you a snapshot of a symbol’s performance.

Trade as per your liking

Grasp the intriguing Status panel to get updated about your trading status

Deposit, withdraw and transfer cash on the go

Analyze your account balance and manage your portfolios under one panel

Identify most-active stocks for most markets.

Identify the stock figures about gainers & losers
New level of technical analysis and We offer a world-class exclusive charting tools with 11 types of Moving Averages 7 Upfront graphical representation of price movements

Forecast price movements without a hassle

Monitor fast & accurate Intraday and historical chart figures.

Analyze your Portfolio on the dot

Asses the portfolio performance of an entire year & evaluate Portfolio PE, PB & dividend yield

Simplified equity screener within your reach

Filter out the symbols as you prefer

Make the best out of our new intuitive search facility

Search any instrument in any asset class with asset class classification

Customize as per your preference

Choose between English or Arabic language and let your eyes decide between dark or light theme

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